Birdsview S. D.  Name Index 1899
Surname	Given Name
Kemmerich	Mary
Kemmerich	Joe
Kemmerich	John
Kemmerich	Anne
Russell		Robbie
Russell		Josh
Russell		Fred
Russell		Carl
Savage		George
Pressentin	Hans
Pressentin	Chas.
Thompson	Thomas
Thompson	Anthony
Thompson	Jannie
Thompson	Elizabeth
Thompson	Annie

Parent or Guardian
Kemmerich, 	A.
Kemmerich,	Mrs. A.
Russell, 	David- Dist. Clerk
Russell, 	Maggie
Savage,	 	L.
Savage, 	Kate
VonPressentin, 	C.
VonPressentin, 	Minnie
Thompson, 	H.
Thompson, 	Maggie
Wilkey, 	F.W.-Teacher

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