Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days

When I was born our pa and ma
Settled on the "Skagit River"
Near a little draw
Where "Boyd Creek" frolicked on it's way
Till it reached the river, where we use to play.

We packed our water up the creeks steep banks
Where the hazel nut bushes grew tall and rank
They came in handy, those tall slim switches
And Ma always picked one, when she tanned our britches.

The hills were rugged and the fir trees high
We'd look straight up to wee any sky
The cougars screamed and the bear roamed free
And owls at night hooted from each tree.

The Seawash Tribes then roamed the land
And held their pow wows on the banks in the sand
The bucks and their clooches and children too
Beat drums and danced and yelled "Hy U".

The towns were far and the stores were few
So Pa made the journey in a log canoe
To buy the clothes and grub we'd need
For he had fourteen children to feed.

The kids walked to the old log school
Where Pa, he taught them the golden rule
If they got sassy or didn't obey
He'd crack them with a ruler in a lusty way.

The settlers around, both far and near
Would have a get together every year
Some paddle the river, other walked till lame
Lugging food and younguns but they
Got there just the same.

Every hungry person did justice to the fare
Pretty blushing maidens with posies in their hair
Were helping fix the places for the people to sit
And casting sly glances at the boys you bet.

Then every had eaten, there were games to play
And at night they danced till the crack of day
The fiddlers bows dipped to and fro
And the callers yelled our do se do.

At home the folks would sit each night
Around the fireplaces cheerful light
The kids would romp and sing in glee
As happy as fourteen kids could be.
Now we're all grown up and gone away
But think back on each "pioneer day"
No more we ride the river, in a log canoe
Like we did in 1892.

@copy; Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen

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