Oh! beautiful, beautiful winter,
With it's deep white glistening snow.
The trees are heavily laden
And the sun is sinking low.

The smoke curls from the house tops
With their roofs of blankets white,
When we hear the sleigh bells jingle,
On the silence of the night.

The roads are hard and frozen
And the horses love to go
Couples wrapped in furs and blankets
Voices ringing through the snow.

And the beauty of the morning
When the sun peeks on the hills
Shinging on the tall, white tree tops
With their snowy icy frills.

The stumps that had no beauty
Now have bonnets snowy white
And the cobwebs like of air jewels
Sparkle in the morning light.

The drumming of the woodpecker
And the noisy saucy jay
Flits among the snowy branches
Their bright colors to display.

The noisy flowing river
Is wrapped in silence bright
And the jolly skating party
Stays far into the night.

Soon the trees will lose their beauty
And the rivers swiftly flow
The brooks begin to babble
And the snow to swiftly go.

Then it's good bye to "Old Winter"
You will come again next year.
With your soft white, shining beauty
Bringing everyone good cheer.

© Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen 1918

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