Just how long is a moment?
It's very hard to say,
For moments seem to vary
In every sort of way.

There's moments that seem endless
When we are blue and sad,
The moments when we're hungry
Or, when we're feeling bad.

There's moments of impatience
When everything goes wrong,
And when we are in a hurry
They seem both short, and long.

There's moments when we're lonely
They then, creep slowly by
But moments when we're happy
They seem to fairly fly.

Short moments that are cherished
That in our heart remain,
And, we'd like to live them over
But they never, come again.

There's moments, that are given
To help another through,
And there's moments that are stolen
That bring joy, and sorrow too.

There is moments of our anger
That we long repent with tears,
There is moments of unhappiness
And worry, grief and fears.

There's many jolly moments
There's moments of delight,
And moments when we're morbid
And moments when we fight.

There's moments that are blessed
And moments that are sin,
So, the length of them depends on
Just what sort of mood we're in.

It seems to make no difference
How length of them appear,
When they're rolled up,
Into weeks and months
Until they make a year.

© Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen 1942

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