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Concrete High School
Class of 1976

Graduates of CHS 1976

We welcome communications, corrections, remembrances, photos, news from alumni from any graduating class who wish to leave messages or e-mail addresses to their classmates- for the year of their graduation.
This is NOT a subscriber site such as, It is a free family history resource however.
Email at this link, I will add your item to this page.

Brian Aldridge, Virginia Asdourian, Vivian Rae Adams, Darlene Broom, Ruth Ann Clark,Michelle Callender, Laurene Coffell, Cindy Dills, Junita Cook, Gordon Evans, Mark Dufur, Christine Faddis, Michael Hawkings, Wayne Knopf, Tina Hoffman, Mary Sue McClain, Allan Lynch, Pamela Metzger, Mitch Morley, Linda Nieshe, Barbara Newby, Kim Plumlee, Janie Parker, Melissa Reihl, Anita Sjoboen, Paul Timblin, Jefferey Solomon, Gaby Romero, Marilyn Thompsen, Doug Witham, Rick Wood, Dean Yeager, Patricia Wright, Frank Young, Stephen Zitkovich.
Hello, this is Mark Dufur, musician and 1976 graduate, currently living in Raleigh NC and looking to move back to Concrete soon to relax and enjoy the good life. I just finished a tour of Europe and my family and I are ready to settle down. I would enjoy hearing from any of my classmates and hearing about of any secluded property for sale that we could build a home on.
Thanks. My email is
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We welcome communications, photos, news from alumni from any graduating class who want to leave messages or e-mail addresses to their classmates; for the year of their graduation. Thanks!
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