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Concrete High School
Class of 2003

Graduates of CHS 2003

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Brent Bingham, Maghen Boozer, Sonia Bradley, Daniel Camby, Amanda Canales, Juliana Carra, Jennifer Carter, Ashley Cheever, Zuzana Chmelova, Amanda Clark, Melanie Clark, Monique Dickens, Jaymie Earheart, Michael Fabel, Joseph Frank, Nocolas Goldner, Scott Green, Yu Sukie Han, Alicia Harris, Aaron Hendrickson, Angela Janda, Theresa Keller, Justin Lahr, Lucy Mattingly, Kevin McAdam, Kris Minkel, Jessica Mitchell, Rohanna Moffitt, Myla Moody, Harrell "Junior" Moore, Lili Moser, Teddie Nick, Juliene Olney, Nicholas Petosa, Mark Richmond, Ben Rogers, Jon Royal, Jose Sanchez, Christopher Saunders, Andrew Scherer, Sarah Schooland, Sheya Sheilds, Kari Swanson, Breann Sweatt, Joanna Toscano, Erika Walters, Raymond Wilson.

Christopher Saunders sends greetings from Korea

I would like that a lot tell them that everyone here may not be in iraq but they serve for the same purpose' the others are. I would like to see more people from Concrete send there wish out over the internet to the soldiers out there dieing for there country. I know that some don't like what going on but they must understand that young kids there age and there childrens age are out here doing what needs to be done. I keep everyone there in my prayers I would like to know that they are doing the same. Christopher Saunders

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Chris has a personal message to Samantha Thompson she can get by e-mailing Chris personally or from the Stump Ranch.

      I had hoped to get my son Jon and his graduating classmate Alicia Harris together with their grandfathers Jim Harris and Phil Royal, both graduates of Concrete Class in 1955. Since I couldn't make that happen, I thought these pictures would be nice. One of the things I really enjoy about researching local history is the connections you find from the past to the present. The photos of Jon and Alicia are by Annette; our local Birdsview photographer who has been capturing our high school seniors for years now. Jim Harris is also an avid local historian involved with the Concrete Heritage Museum. Jim tells me that he and Phil did a little sparing in the boxing ring when boxing was still a sport in high school.

Three Generations of Cheer Leading Their Community

      I hope Sheya is O.K. with this tribute she put together for her grandmother and mother-being here. But I wanted to publicly say "Thank-you" to Robin Wood and Wendy Wood Shields for all the years of hard work contributing their time & energy to the community and schools. I knew Wendy when I went to C.H.S. my freshman year; she is a terrific person as is Sheya and Robin. I have no doubt Sheya will accomplish her goals in life and be as giving to her community as her mother and grandmother. Robin is the cheerleader on the right flexing her muscles. Dan

Left photo is left to right: Scott Green, Aaron Hendrickson, Jon Royal, and Kris Minkel. Great friends for years. Right photo is Jon Royal and Amanda Clark-graduation night, friends and next door neighbors here in Birdsview. Amanda's folks, Ben and Tina Clark are both graduates of C.H.S. 1982.
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We welcome communications, photos, news from alumni from any graduating class who want to leave messages or e-mail addresses to their classmates; for the year of their graduation. Thanks!
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