Concrete High School Finest in the State

Compiled from the Concrete Herald 1952


      Students of Concrete high school took over their new building on Monday this week, and with usual custom of the smaller fry, the grade school pupils stepped into the hand me down quarters that had for so many years been the high school building.
      The school officials used the vacation of last week to do all the heavy moving of equipment that will be needed at the new school, Monday the high school students reported at the old building, picked up their books and personal belongings and then were off by bus to the new buildings. Classes are now going ahead normally in the bright new classrooms of the $656,800.00 structure.
      The move marks another phase of school growth in this community. From the first real schoolhouse (now the old library building) to tow separate plants, one for high school and one for grade school, only some 47 years have elapsed. The library building was built as a school in 1905-1906, enlarged in 1908. In 1910 came the concrete building, which also was just a full grade school. The first high school class graduated in 1918.
      The old high school building was built in 1924 to take care of the increase in students due to the Baker River dam boom. After the boom subsided it continued to grow and was enlarged in 1930.       Next to be built was the new grade school building, erected in 1934. From that time on it was a case of constant expansion until every building was packed to capacity and the original school reoccupied with overflow.
      The new high school building is a sprawling, modern-type building that is credited with being one the best in the state. Many features of design, color scheme and modern lighting make it unusual. The formal dedication of the building will be open to the public for inspection.


      Only uncompleted portion of the new building is the cafeteria kitchen. Plumbing equipment is now being installed to provide dish washing facilities. When this is ready the cafeteria will be used. Cooking will be done at he present grade school cafeteria until full kitchen equipment is ready at the new school.


Concrete High School floor plan
As a completed picture of the new Concrete High Scool will not be possible for this issue, we have done the next best with a floor plan showing the layout of the rooms. The architects for the building are Reuger Bros. of Tacoma. It is estimated that the completed cost will be apprximately $650,000. The greatest portion of the money was raised locally by increased tax levies. City Light and the State also contributed substantial amounts to fill out the budgeted needs for building and equipment. It is to be ready for school opening this fall. Double click image for larger view!


      The long awaited dedication of the new high school building will take place this coming Sunday, May 25th, [1952] as a prelude to the closing exercises of the school year. Postponed several times because of various reasons, the dedication was finally set last to be a part of a full day's program which will include dedication program, open house, and Baccalaureate Services.
      The dedication program will be held at 2:00 p.m. with Mayor William F. Devin of Seattle as speaker. Mrs. Pearl Wanamaker, state superintendent of schools, will also be present.       Following the program the entire building will be open for inspection of the public for the first time. Open house will be continued until 5:00 p.m.
      In the evening at 8:00 the Senior Class of 1952 will hold their Baccalaureate services in the gymnasium.


      The new high school plant here has already been acclaimed as one of the finest school buildings in the state. Modern design is featured in every phase of the building and classrooms are something that will open the eyes of older folks who can remember the first schools of the upper valley.
      The building is now completed with exceptions of some installation work in the cafeteria kitchen.
      The swimming pool was filled for the first time last week in order to test out the heating and filtering equipment. Supt. McIntire reported that it was not the intention of the school to open it for use during the tests, but "every time you turned your back some youngster jumped in." So, the pool has been officially accepted by the kids as perfect. Doug Gates had the honor of being the first one to steal a plunge in the pool.
      The building has to be seen to be appreciated, so no long description will be wasted here. The school board and Herald combined efforts to produce an attractive souvenir program for the dedication which contains pictures and detailed statistics and information on all phases of the building. [Does anyone have this program we could copy?]


Presiding, Fred Gramman, Principal, Concrete High School
Flag Salute, Shubert Hunter, Member of the Marblemount Boy Scouts
The National Anthem, Concrete High School Band, Durward Sobek, Director
Invocation, Martin Spargo, President, Concrete Senior Christian Youth Organization
Music, Concrete High School Band, Durward Sobek, Director
Introduction of Platform Guests, Gordon McIntire, Supt. Of Schools
Remarks, Mrs. Pearl A. Wanamaker, State Supt. Of Public Instruction
Presentation of Building, Charles V. Rueger, For Charles and Clarence Ruger, Architects
Acceptance of the Building, Fred Shular, Chairman, Board of Directors
Dedication Address, William F. Devin, Mayor, City of Seattle
Vocal Solo, Sidney Shelver, Accompained by Marion Shelver
Inspection of the Building, High School Faculty in Charge

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