Boyd Family Scrapbook

The Boyd Story

   written by Norman Lewis Boyd ©2003, 2002
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History of the Boyd Family

   written by Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen ©2003, 2002 aided by Norman Boyd, Archie Boyd, & Katie Savage Pulsipher; edited by Lee Ware, arranged on the web by Noel Bourasaw

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26 Oct. 1960
Dear Gladys,
     I am sending you the Boyd History and the other one is the Torrey family, this is taken from Aunt Ettes own true facts as Toots (Katie wrote them down as she told them and I think you will enjoy them as much as I did).
      The rest of the stories are of true people who once lived up there but whose names have been changed but nothing else, I wrote it in story form ofcourse. Katie just had the sketches that she sent me and I sure appreciated the help she gave me. Without her help, I could never have gotten anywhere without the writings.
     I hope you will overlook the mistakes, for I have never written anything before, nor have I ever used a typewriter. I just bought an old one and started hammering away. However, I do enjoy writing on it and wish that I had gotten one long before.
      Hope this finds you and your family well and hearty, tell Charlene and Kathy that I think of them. Let me know you like the stories. Bye now. Love and good wishes to all. Aunt Mabel

Gladys Pape Miller is the daughter of Jim & Grace [Boyd] Pape. She is the widow of Magnus Miller Jr., grandson of Magnus Miller, a founder of the town of Concrete.

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